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And the UK too if you're interested!

About Us

We offer bespoke travel itineraries for Romania and the UK, working with you to develop the perfect plan for your trip.

We then guide you through the country ourselves, ensuring a service that is always personal, professional and peculiarly Stef and Beth.

How we travel

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Inside knowledge

Stef is Romanian, Beth is English.

We know the countries you will be travelling in, we grew up there, our families live there. That means we can guarantee better quality guiding for your trip with all the local knowledge you could dream of!

Bespoke itineraries

Your holiday, your way.

We work with you to design your perfect trip to Romania or the UK, adding activities, information and tours tailored to your travel dreams.

Downtime and Socialising

We believe in balance.

Travelling doesn't just have to be about ticking things off the list. If you'd like to spend time just hanging out, soaking it all in or chatting to locals, we're totally up for that too.

Contact Us

Please get in touch by filling out the enquiry form below or emailing contactstefandbeth@gmail.com

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