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What we do

Here you'll find some sample activities for building your ideal itinerary

If there's anything you're interested in that you can't find here, please get in touch and we'll see what we can organise


Cooking classes

Learn how to cook classic dishes in home kitchens. This is a great opportunity to sample different foods and pick up recipes to take back home with you.


Fermentation workshop

Learn the art of fermentation, as a means of preservation and enhancing simple ingredients, from experts who have been practicing the skills their whole lives. See how the ingredients vary with the seasons and learn how to make ferments passed down through the generations.


City guides

If you're looking for a more traditional travel experience, we organise guided tours of any major Romanian or British city, as well as restaurant guides, museum tours, and anything else you would like to see.


Shepherd visits

Travel to the best seasonal grazing spots in Romania to meet the shepherds who live with the flocks throughout the year. Sample fresh ewe's milk and maybe give milking a go yourself!


Beekeeping and raw honey tour

Visit a small scale honey manufacturer and learn how the bees are cared for throughout the year, as well as how raw honey is extracted from the hives and used to create a range of different products.


Foraging guided walks

Venture into the woods with a specialist guide and learn how to identify and sustainably gather mushrooms, berries and plants.